Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Mantra

So yesterday I was chatting with my fabulous friend Lisa who lives back in Omaha. Lisa and I have known each other almost 2 years but it feels like I've known her for years. You couldn't ask for a better friend in her...and daughter, sister, coworker, employee, dog mom, bundle of fun! She about died when I told her this. But its true. She is super genuine and would be there for anybody!

We got to chatting about the other wonderful people in our life and how this is the time when we really need to hold on to the ones that truly love and care about us. I'm not 18 years old anymore ya know! I love making new friends and being the life of the party in a big group of people. But I've realized that I don't need one zillion best friends to be happy. I have the best (small) group of girlie friends and I intend to hold on to them forever...near or far. They know who they are! I have some pretty great guy friends too! Can't forget the boys!

Lisa said something to me yesterday that really hit close to home. I intend to hold on to this quote forever too. She said:

{...I'm just trying to keep reminding myself that I can't go wrong if I just surround myself with love and give it right back...}

How true is that? She laughed when I told her that I wanted to make it one of my favorite quotes on my Facebook wall. But I wasn't joking! Love you so much and miss ya Lisa! Thanks for making my day...yet again! :)

Here is my daily mantra...


Aaron [air] March 25, 2010 at 12:09 PM  

I think everyone should have a daily mantra and a source of positive thoughts. It really does make a difference in your day :)

Also I firmly believe in loving others back and loving life and it will love you back!

Im so glad I have met you, I feel that you are such a genuine and thoughtful person. I have enjoyed the time we have spent together already! :)

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