Sunday, February 14, 2010

Missing My Valentine

So normally I'm not the negative type. I hate all negativity...all forms of it. When I see it coming I purposely swerve the other way. Sometimes I crank the wheel so hard I give myself whip lash! I just enjoy being happy and love being around happy people. At this time though I am going to be a teensy weensy bit negative! LIFE TODAY IS NOT FAIR! Not that I am a huge promoter out on the streets picketing for the Hallmark Holiday, but really, I don't hate it! I'm just not all about the flowers, (I like those for just because reasons) chocolate, (I LOVEEE me some chocolate all the time) or greeting cards (make me one--I'd like that a lot better). But I am a girl who likes to follow tradition and today one of my traditions was broken! NOT FAIR, SO ANGRY, HMMPHHH! You see, Tony and I have a little V-Day tradition we like to follow and today fell out of line in another year of our tradition.

We LOVE Carrabba's and we go every year on Valentines day. I usually make a "walk in" reservation a month in advance. The day is here, we drive the 15 minutes over to 144th and Maple, we sit and talk and love the heck out of each other while we wait an hour to be seated, and finally our comfy cozy spot at the pizza bar opens up. He orders chicken parm, I order the chicken marsala and we much on yummy salad, soup, and bread. We watch the making of mouth watering pizza's and the most beautiful desserts from our seats while chatting about how fast the last few years have flown but how much we are still in love. Such a wonderful time.

Today Tony is in Utah relaxing and I am in Nebraska sorting through wedding stuff that I am wanting to sell and get rid of. I threw around the idea about going to Carrabba's on my own but thought I'd probably lose it and cry all over my chicken! :) Okay maybe not sobbing crying but a few little tears. Luckily I have the company of my wonderful momma and we have had a great day packing and laughing.

I really really miss my love and not just today. Since he moved to Utah in October I've seen him a total of MAYBE 3 weeks. It's been rough. We decided that rather than either of us flying out for the weekend, we'd save our money for my move.

Here is my moment to be positive now. I am so LUCKY to have the Valentine I do. Near or far, I am truly blessed having him in my life. I can't imagine myself without him. I love ya Tone. Miss you so much and there's always next year right? Thank goodness SLC has a Carrabba's because trips back to Omaha every Feb 14th for two could get a little expensive! :)


Aaron [air] February 15, 2010 at 12:35 AM  

guess what?? Orem has a Carrabba's and is only about an hour away! So you two can have a monthly date night if you wanted!

Im sorry that you guys have lived apart so long. Thats not even fair to live apart, let alone doing it as newlyweds!

I bet you two will be inseparable when moving day is over.

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