Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration

So, I've decided to move Woots & Boots to a different day simply because wedding and Wednesday just sound so much better together. Catchy huh? Amy like! I came up with the idea yesterday to post some inspirational wedding ideas on Wednesdays after I caught myself going wedding planner psycho on a cool chica who is buying a lot of my leftover decorations and centerpieces from my wedding. Okay, maybe not psycho, but I found myself wanting to help someone plan their big day who lives over 15 hours away and that I barely know. I've been like this since I had started planning my wedding in Sept of '08, right after Tony proposed. Anyone I've come into contact with who was or is getting married, I've felt like I NEED to give input on ideas and planning. Everyone has been pretty open too. Maybe it's because I seem so super passionate about it! I LOVE coordinating colors and putting ideas together. My wedding design and decor was classy but spunky at the same time. Everyone at my wedding kept saying that, "this wedding is totally you, Amy!" I loved all of the planning, though very stressful, I still loved it. If I could go back and do it again, I have 3 other ideas in the back of my mind for themes and decor. Sadly I can't, but I'll just keep those ideas in mind when I go sister'zilla" on my little sis Katie when her big day comes along! RAARRR! Just kidding... I wasn't a bridezilla at all on my day and everyone can vouch for me on that.

So anywho, I have decided that each Wednesday, I will feature wedding ideas that I love. It may be a storyboard that I put together or a photographers blog that I follow featuring a wedding they have shot. The very first wedding that I'd like to give attention to comes from the amazing blog of Ryan, of RCJones Photography. I've been creeping on Ryan's blog for quite some time and finally had the guts to reach out to him yesterday. The guys got MAD SKILLS! He's got some pretty creative angle's and poses going on while still having the photojournalistic look. The color and sharpness of his images are outstanding and his clients look like they are having a blast! I have really loved following his work in the last few months or so but this wedding he shot really got me...hook, line, and sinker!!! Ryan- you are a rockstar! Hopefully my images can be as awesome as yours someday! Thanks for being super cool and letting me feature your photos!

Be sure to check out his blog for the entire post and all of his other amazingness found here.

Okay, so this couple is super hot! I can't even begin to explain the theme of this wedding! Feathers, fishnets, rockstar hair, jewels, super sassy dress! Sassy...I like that as a theme name. First of all, I love black and white weddings (guess what my wedding colors were?). Black & white is extremely classy and you can throw any other color, except maybe brown, in to the mix and spice things up. Red is my favorite color of all time, but I refused to have red as one of my colors just because red seems so predictable with black and white and so many people do it. I LOVE the red in this wedding though. It wasn't overdone and is only in the flowers. And this bride and groom had a way to offset it with some other accent colors like the turquoise, cream, and brown feathers the maids had in their hair! Genius!!

You ready to check out some of the details? Hope so because they are fan-freakin-tastic!

Check out those heels!!! I am wondering if she made our bought these. I guarantee you could make these! It may take some time but wouldn't it totally be worth it?

Just a little bit of spice with the pinstripes! Love the feathers in his flowers and if you look closely, it almost looks as if the stem is tied with a clear string or twine. Check out Ryan's blog for a more up close and personal version!

Holy head piece! I love big oversized flower accessories with all my heart! Jewels and glitter also have a special place for me!

Love the ring and the collar of the dress! Super sassy!

Fishnets+black form fitting dress+black gloves+sassy hair pieces= sexy bridesmaids! Plus these dresses can totally be worn again!

Groomsman look smokin'! LOVE that the groom has a white tie on!

Check out her bouquet and bracelet! I wish I had had that bracelet for my day! Also, I absolutely love the twirly branches decor!

Crystals, candelabras, and candles. Gorgeous!

Hopefully some of you adore this wedding just as much as I do. I hope that some day I can shoot something this fun and unique! Thanks again Ryan!!!


Ryan January 7, 2010 at 2:41 PM  

Amy, thanks a ton for your kind words and for putting me up here! That's very cool of you. And you're definitely a rockstar yourself ;)

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