Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Help Us Find Allen

Have you ever had someone in your life you really cared about that you lost touch with and are now struggling to find? Maybe your childhood friend, college roommate, an old co-worker? How about a sibling? How about your brother? Luckily I have everyone in my immediate family in my life and speak to/see them on a pretty regular basis. Until a year ago, this wasn't the case for my momma.

I have an uncle, Rodney, who like my mom, hadn't seen for 14 years. He and my mother were very close growing up and when I was in the 4th or 5th grade my they lost track of each other. She called past employers, hospitals, the VA, city halls where we thought he may be living, did a name search and contacted individuals with the same name, but nothing seemed to turn positive results. Until a year ago we had given up. One day as I sat there thinking of any other possible way to help my mom find her brother, it came to mind that I had a cousin who was around the age of 16. What 16 year old doesn't have a Facebook or Myspace, right? Facebook--struck out! Darn! Myspace--so I typed in his name and 3 different profiles popped up. OH MY GOSH!!! There he is! I had last seen him at the age of two but it was very very easy to tell which one he was. He looked the same, just an older version. I sent him a message and about a month of waiting to hear back (he didn't check his Myspace often) he replied and we got a phone number. My mom called her brother right away! He was so happy to hear from her and after months of chatting on the phone, they were finally re-united face to face! My mom is so happy! She feels complete again to have her brother back in her life. I am so happy for her. Thanks Myspace!!!

For the last couple of years, a dear friend of mine Lisa, has been searching for her brother Alan. She has had no success at all and I can only imagine her frustrations and how sad she is. We started a Facebook group about a year ago but there have been no results in the search for Alan. I wanted to take another step in helping Lisa find her brother and I figured this would be a good way. Please, if anyone is out there who knows how to find a missing person, we need your help! Lisa has tried everything she can think of, but so far and has nothing. If you could all pass this post on to your friends, family, everyone you know...maybe we can somehow find Alan. Below is a description of Alan and what Lisa knows of his last whereabouts and what she has done so far to look for him. I have also included some picture. Thank you in advance for all of your help!

"Hey Everyone!I cannot imagine there is not someone out there that can help me find my brother, I'm asking for anyones help...please share this note with anyone and everyone in hopes that my big brother can be found safe and sound and knows that his family is there for him no matter what his troubles are health or financial.Been a little of 2 years since anyone has seen or heard from him. I last saw him Thanksgiving day 2006. Here is the skinny on him and what the family and I have done to find him. All is a Vietnam Vet. He was in the Navy for 8 years 71-79, worked in electronics. Was a member of the Eagles Club Aerie 80 in Superior WI. Was a very good bowler, bowling several leagues. Alan had a son that was born in '76 with heart defects. His son died on Valentines Day '77. Was married once to Myron, had a step son named John. I want to give enough information, but don't want to give too much information. In Feb '07 Alan left a note with his Brother's and Sisters at the Eagles club. Stating that he had health issues and that he couldn't get local VA benefits. He stated that he found a facility in Texas that would cover 80% of the costs with his consent for further research. In this letter he listed a special thanks to 4 people. So far we have...listed him as a missing person in the state of WI ( that is where his last residence was)Called the VA hospitals in Texas...but with the new HIPPA laws of course stand in our way of finding out anything... was hoping one would slip up though. None did. Went through Governor Culver's office in Iowa. He suggested I send letters to Social Security Department and One other department that has to do with the service. I was to write a letter to Alan and they would forward on if they had his address. The armed services had his 1991 address as the last address. And the Social Security department, sent me the letter back. No information. I believe that mom said that the last time his social security number was used was in Dec of '07. (Correct me if I'm wrong mom.)I went to the Vietnam Veterans of America office in Des Moines also. They could not help me out either. We have talked to his friends from the Eagles Club and they are as concerned with finding him as we are. I cannot give up looking for him, but I'm afraid i have exhausted any of my leads, so I'm asking for any help anyone can give. If you know of someone that may be able to help me please forward my info or send me any info. Thanks!!!Signed Missing My Brother!!"

Please join the Facebook group and suggest it to your friends as well. The Facebook group can be found here.


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