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Well, where do I even begin. I think I might cry typing this post! Tears of joy and sadness. Emotional trainwreck right here! ;) Okay...breath in...breath out! Just playin'! I am okay for right now but that may all change in a few weeks. We'll see. I have some very sad but also exciting news. I am just gonna get it out there and say it.................. I am Utah. Yes Utah! You shocked? I was when the decision was settled and am still a little in awe.

The bottom line is that Tony had an amazing opportunity come his way for a job...not just opportunity, and it's not exactly in Nebraska. I know you probably have many more questions...when, how, what will Amy do now, who is going to be my main man photographer? (I know Diane and Laurie are thinking this--Love you ladies!) NO NEED TO PANIC though! Tony and I have spent a great deal trying to iron out the details and did even more talking this past weekend--via phone because he already lives there and it has been so hard! We haven't seen much of each other in the last couple of months. Hurts the heart--owie!

We will be living in Price, UT which is a town of about 10 thousand people, 2.5 hours south of Salt Lake City. We actually found a place when I visited a couple of weeks ago and it will be ready for move in at the end of February. My move date has changed a few times based on a place to live and what not but all I know is that I want to be there ASAP! What will I do when I get there? Not 100% sure, but I feel this is my window of opportunity to follow a dream that I wouldn't be able to otherwise. I feel like this is God telling me to "go for it, Amy, GO!" My own personal God cheerleader! Tony and I have kicked it around a lot, crunching numbers, weighing out the options, figuring out my travel schedule back to the area next year for the 7 weddings I have booked so far, and he feels that this is my moment. That I should go after it head on and follow what my heart most desires. I will admit that I am a little scared about this, but seriously...can Tony ever be wrong...can God? :) Tony has always had the best advice and been my biggest support. He is right, 99% of the time. And my parents are on his side too. I guess I am mostly scared about heading there with no base of business...but then again...I did that in Omaha a year ago too.

I have been devising a plan and I have been reading a lot! Blogs, a book, tutorials, and websites. I've been studying marketing techniques and asking other photogs what has worked for them and what hasn't. I have been saving, saving, saving, and will have my new camera ordered by the end of this week. A lap top and new lens will ensue with my tax return. I'm trying to be smart about all of this and come up with a plan on how to get my name out there and be recognized. I've been studying the area. What will my potential clientele look like, who will my competitors be, what times of year will be most profitable, how will I profit in times that are not very profitable? I've reached out to people in the community and found volunteers to help me get my name out there. By no means do I expect this to all happen over night, but I do believe with a lot of hard work, dedication, excellent client service, and a strong drive, I CAN do this. Maybe with a part time job on the side to start out--I'm flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to that part!

So, who will take my photos now? Well, in worse instances, I know a couple of really great photogs in the Omaha/Sioux City area. But in the best instance, you will book a session with me when I am back in town. As it looks, I'll be back quite a bit. And trust me, you will all know when I'll be back as those trips draw nearer. Oh, and I WILL make special trips back for weddings if you are wanting to book me for your big day. Heck, I'd travel anywhere to shoot a wedding! In the meantime, I am still booking photo shoots in the Omaha area up until I leave. Please contact me via phone or email to set sometime up before I move!

Thanks to everyone with all of the positive and happy words in finding out my exciting news. I found my window, my bridge, my trampoline, my...okay you get it. Now is my chance to jump! Ready...set... :) Happy Wednesday!!!


Ashley January 14, 2010 at 12:16 AM  

I'm so excited for you!! You're gonna do great Amy... I think a plan to meet up should be in the works soon!!

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