Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paying It Forward

So, my friends Jodi and Ashley came up with this idea to go "Extreme Makeover-Bathroom Addition" on our friend Stef's bathroom. I had the opportunity to help them out and we had a blast. And what a great feeling it was to make an impact in the life of another. Impact? Re-doing someones bathroom? To some of you this may not seem like much of an impact, but to Stef, it meant more than we could ever know.

Stef is the type of person who puts everyone before herself. EVERYONE! In the 2+ years that I have known her, I can't recall the amount of times she has done me a favor, given me advice, and invited me into her family with big loving arms. Oh and her family...AMAZING! Her husband Brian is the sweetest man I know next to Tony, I'd say they run together neck and neck in my eyes. She has three children, McKenna, Peyton, & Beckett that I love very dearly. The kids are involved in everything and anything. Stef & Brian are always on the go. And the kids are so smart. Stef and Brian are the type of people that if they had 1 dollar left to their name, they'd spend it to better the life of their children.

In the 6 hours it took us to re-do the bathroom, Jodi mentioned that she felt like she was, "paying it forward." She wanted Stef and her family to have a nice new bathroom. Everything inside from the colors, to the blessings frame, the the fragrance was totally Stef! Ashley's fiance Drew had a voucher for a free nights stay at one of the Casino/Hotels in town and was nice enough to give it to Brian and Stef for a night away! The kiddos stayed at their Grandma's, and Jodi, Ashley, and I started on the bathroom at 8 p.m. and were finished by 2 a.m. We also had a late Walmart run thrown in there. I'd say we had stellar timing! I had my camera ready to go for the unveiling the next day but decided after her first peek that I didn't want to take any pictures. The moment she first looked inside was more touching than I had expected and I felt like this was a moment that was for Stef, and just for her. Below are pictures of the before and after.

Let the "edging" begin!! I, not having much patients, am not a very good "edger"! Jodi on the other hand, is a ROcKstAR!

Our friend YT helped us through the night!

One of my favorite parts! Still have to get pictures of their fam in the frames!

Jodi and Ash- thanks so much for letting me be a part of this! I had a blast and your sweet gesture towards Stef & her family was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done in the history of presents and surprises! Love you guys!!


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