Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So I have decided to start a new little post that I'll make happen for ya every single Wednesday. This post will be so awesome that you'll be begging for more...checking my blog at 12:01 a.m. on every Wednesday morning to see if its there! Just joshin' ya! But I want to be able to talk about yours truly every once in a while. Branding myself is something I want to do and I feel that this will be a great way for me to get out there and show the world who Amy Cloud is all a minor sort of way! This will be a weekly dose of Woot's (things I am lovin right now) and Boot's (things I'd like to boot out of my life...get it?) So here goes...the first ever rendition of Woot's and Boot's!

Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap; This song is super relaxing, laid back, and gives me the warm fuzzies! Check it out...some may think its strange at first but I lubs it!

Zebra print- I am infatuated with it right now, mostly because I am using it as an accent in my wedding...ask me my opinion after this weekend and we'll see how I feel then

Mac Makeup-WOW! I am having my makeup professionally done this weekend. I have always been a fan of the mid grade makeup brands, not too expensive but not the cheap stuff at your local drug store. I had my trial last week. I am in pocketbook definitely took a hit!

My future in laws- Tony's parents got in to town this last Sunday for wedding week extravaganza. I love them so much! They are so excited for us! All smiles and laughs. I love having them here visiting

My new Nikon SB800 Flash- I have been saving for this wittle baby for a while now and finally took the plunge. It is already changing my life!!! I used it at a wedding I shot in mid October! WOW!

Swine Flu-I don't have it but it is haunting me in my dreams! 'Nough said!

Cold weather- I love fall but I think winter in Nebraska came 2 months too early!

Holiday airfare prices- Trying to plan a trip to Utah to visit Tony's fam at the end of December and the cheapest ticket I can find is $ kiddin' me?

Lisa M- I still love this girl but I am so sad that she found a new job and I can't enjoy her amazingness Monday-Friday, 7:30-5:30 anymore. Car rides to work just aren't the same either! :(

Okay folks...not sure if I'll blog anymore before the wedding...only 3 more days!!!!! I am so excited! I'll be back from my Mexico honeymoon on the 17th! Have a great rest of your week!



About Amy

I love to make wishes on falling stars, bday candles, at 11:11, and on fallen eye lashes. You could say I'm a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, and maybe a little bit corny. I like to be different and I feel that I see life through a different lens than most others. I tend to find beauty in everything. I feel like I'm fullfilling my purpose as a photographer when I can see and feel emotion and then create a lasting memory out of it. I've always been very creative. I watch people and when I see these beautiful moments, nothing makes me more happy than to freeze them in time.

I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I can't wait to meet you.

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