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Tips On What to Wear: Seniors

I've been booking senior shoots for the upcoming summer and fall and have had a lot of seniors ask me what to wear for their shoot. If you know me well enough, you know I LOVE fashion! I may not be an expert at this, but I'll tell you what works for me behind the camera and for my clients in front of the camera. Here are some basic tips on clothing topics...

1. Color: Now there is nothing wrong with a solid black dress or dress shirt but I think if you want you your photos to pop-color is the way to go. I would stay away from neon's in the main thing you are wearing. A dress that mimics the color of Mountain Dew, in my opinion, may not look the best. But a pretty green or yellow would be a yes! I personally love when a black dress is layered with a bright colored scarf or a black dress shirt with a colored undershirt. Pick your favorite color(s)

2. Layers: Lots and lots of layers. I LOVE layers-I worked at The Buckle for gosh sakes and that place was all about layers! Even a colored tanktop peeking out of the top or from under the main shirt is great. Its all about depth and dimension. Some layering ideas? A blazer or tailored jacket, vests, tanktops, cardigans, I could go on. If it's questionable, bring it with anyway and I'll give you my honest opinion.

3. Patterns: I think patterns are tricky. If you want to wear something with a pattern on it, make sure its bold and makes a statement. In my opinion, stripes are one of the hardest patterns to work with. The bigger the better. Small, tiny, little stripes can play tricks on the eyes. Ladies, if you plan to wear stripes, try to steer away from the horizontal stripes especially if you are self conscious about your mid-section. Horizontal stripes make you look bigger. Patterns I like? Bold florals are my fav!

4. Brand Rep: Okay, so maybe I'm way off here and this is totally out already (you have to remember I grew up in a time when it was cool to have CK, Lucky, American Eagle, Aero, Abercrombie, and Gap plastered across the front of your shirt) but don't wear clothes that have brand names, logos, letters, or teams on the front of them. They totally take away from the subject...YOU. Your senior session is about you, not the designer, the Green Bay Packers, or the number 13.

5. Accessories: I LOVE accessories and like layering, these can bring a lot of depth or dimension to your photos. Hats: Love them! All kinds! Okay so maybe your favorite sports team is okay here. All styles look great and they can totally complete an outfit! Bring all that you own to your session and we will figure out what works best! Scarves: These are great for adding color to that black dress I was talking about. Jewelry: Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. I love the look of layered necklaces right now! Headbands/hair clips: This is more for the ladies. You know the ones I'm talking about. The super fun feathered and or fabric made ones.

6. Hobby and extracurricular outfits: Play a sport? Bring your uniform! Are you in the marching band? Bring your instrument and or uniform. Again, this is about you!

7. Hair: Boys--if you have a shorter style, make sure its nice and pieced together, wear some gel if you wish. Guys with longer hair-comb it and make sure its out of your eyes, forget the combing part if you have dreads. Girls- again, I love texture! If you are the type who likes to curl your hair, even if its just the ends, do it! There is not a problem with straight hair either. Just make it look pretty and out of your beautiful face!

8. Makeup: Keep it natural and what you would wear on a normal day! Heavy eyeliner, bright eye shadow, and glitter will only take away from your natural beauty. Did I mention glitter?? NO GLITTER! Things I do like?? Playing up a pretty pout with a fun color. I love bright red lipstick, but for this to look best, less everywhere else is more!

10. Shape: Bring outfits that show off your shape. Stay away from the big, baggy, and frumpy styles.

Some suggestions for store great for senior outfit shopping:

Forever 21

The Buckle



Charlotte Russe

Urban Outfitters

Wet Seal

Having trouble putting things together while you're at the store? Ask one of their associates to help you. They work there for a reason! The main thing--have fun with it and pick styles that reflect you! You only get to do this once right? :)


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