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FAQ: Wedding Package Extra's

I have been in the process of booking fall weddings and even weddings for next year and I have had quite a few questions come from brides regarding the "extras" to chose from along with their wedding packages. I figured, this would be a great time to write a blog, that way I don't drive myself zany typing the answers over and over again! :) So, here ya go!

Engagement photos are pretty self explanatory but I wanted to include a few other tidbits of information. Come ready to show some lovin'. No, not to me but to each other. One way or another I'm going to get you guys to loosen up and act as if I'm not really there. Yes, I will probably make you kiss a couple of times. I want you to be yourself. This is a once in a lifetime photo session and I want you to love these as much as the wedding photos. Props?? YES, you can bring them. Anything that may reflect the two of you in your photos is totally acceptable! Puppy, hobbies, old camera, quilt, bicycle, whatever you please. The skies the limit!

Honestly, I had never really heard of bridals before I had started my photography adventure. I am finding that bridals really aren't as popular in the Midwest as what they are in Utah. But, I HIGHLY recommend them to all brides no matter where you live! I wish I had done them. A bridal session happens before the wedding. Once the dress has been hemmed and you are ready to go like it were the actual wedding day is the time to book your bridal session. Why do I highly recommend them? This is your chance as a bride to have lots of time to get some beautiful shots of you in the dress that you are meant to wear for one purpose in life. You get to be pretty and pose anywhere but a church. The location will probably be nothing you'd expect and my suggestion is shooting these in the early evening so we can soak up the setting sun. The yummy glow later in the day is extremely beautiful for these type of photos. What you can expect as far as my style is a more "modelesque" type approach. Ill probably make you put your hands in awkward positions, have you grab your hair, touch your face. You may feel awkward in these poses but once I'm through you'll look like a bride straight off of the runway during New York Fashion week! Please plan to bring a bouquet with you. It can be the same as what you plan to have on your wedding day or you can step outside of those plans and grab something cheap at the local grocery store. Wildflowers always look beautiful with some twine or raffia tied around the stems.

See above and just add the groom in. This will work for brides not as worried about having their groom see them in their dress for the first time while walking down the isle. Keep in mind that we can coordinate a "first look" during this session so that it will be just as special. I would highly recommend this session as well if you are wanting something more relaxed and that way we don't have to try and squeeze these in with the wedding party, family, and extended family photos on the wedding day. Here is a chance for both of you to look like models and have lots and lots of time to get the rockstar shots you are wanting with no rush.

As a side note, a first look is when I coordinate a special moment for the bride and groom to see each other before they walk down the isle. We did this at my wedding because we took all of our photos before the ceremony. You can view the photos from my big day here to have an idea.

Day After Session:
This is a SUPER fun session. The wedding day is over, the dress has been worn, and you have two options. You can either have it stuffed in one of those vacuum bags and let it sit in the top of your closet for the next 25 or more years in hopes that your daughter will want to wear it on her wedding day. Or, you can put it on one more time and do something a little more extreme in it. During this session you should feel free to do things that you wouldn't normally do on your wedding day in fear that you may get the dress a little dirty. Some examples- head to the horse stables and hop on bareback, hair floating in the wind. Grab a pair of pumps, chunky jewelry, and a super fun veil or headpiece. Maybe go to a run down building, alley way, or old bar. Again, the sky is the limit during this session. I have even seen where brides have jumped into a lake or pool with their wedding dress on or splattered their wedding dress with paint the colors from their wedding day. If you need suggestions, I can definitely give you some. Again, props are welcome. And so are grooms! :)

I hope this answered most of the questions I have been asked. If not, then keep them coming. My goals is to help you make this wedding experience one that totally reflects you and that you'll never forget!

Stay tunned for my wedding day FAQ--coming soon! Happy Friday!


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