Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday: Woots & Boots :)

Sorry I missed ya'll last week on Woots & Boots! I have been super busy and was extremely sick last week! No more excuses though! We were hit by the snowiest of snow storms here in Omaha yesterday and so far it's been pretty interesting. I swear that my street is one of the last to get plowed here in Omaha which pretty strange considering I live in a nice part of town. I got off of work at 5 yesterday and by the time I got home it was close to 7 p.m. Lots of snow=Amy's stuck car! To make matters worse, I let my little Archie out of his kennel and he had somehow gotten his cast off during the day. There was his poor little foot, dangling like it had when he broke it more than 2 weeks ago. I am not sure how he got it off because it wasn't torn up or bitten. Somehow he manged to slide his arm out. Off to the vet yet again Saturday morning. My sister suggested amputation, he gets around like a champ on three legs. This is so sad for me to think but I know he'd be fine. What do they do with doggy feet after they've been amputated? Do they throw them away? Do they bury them and pray that they go to doggy feet heaven? My mom, gotta love her, suggest that I make a lucky Archie foot key chain. Such a sad thought but I couldn't help but laugh!

This weeks Woots go to:
*Target- I have always loved Target but they have some rockin' sales this week and I have scored some awesome Christmas presents for my family!

*Jodi of MCP Actions- Her blog can be found here. I have bought some amazing photoshop actions from her and I am loving them. She always provides great ideas on pricing, tutorials on how to use her products, and other free photoshop goodies. Thanks Jodi

*Photographers that are all about helping other photographers out- I must admit that going to another photographer for advice or questions is rather intimidating. One would think that with how competitive this industry is, other photographers would turn up their nose and tell you to take a hike. Not the ones I've contacted at least! I'd like to give a big shout out to Christina of Sloan Images International. She is a huge inspiration to me and we chat on the phone often! She is an amazing artist and smart business lady! Plus she's so darn funny! Also, I'd like to say thanks to Ashley McFarlane (our last names are almost the same) and Ashley McCarty. They are both fairly new to the industry but are really going places! They both have been super quick to respond to my emails and I love both of their work as well!

Dun dun dun....the Boots

*Snow- that is all

*My dog Archie...I think I underestimated how smart that little guy is. I don't think he understands what he is doing to my pocketbook

*My property manager-he didn't plow the end of my driveway this morning like he had promised to have done by 7 a.m. This in turn caused me to get stuck again and I had to dig myself out with the help of my neighbor.

Hope this week finds you happy and excited for the holidays. Stay safe on the road and warm in your home!


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